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    • Agronomic conditions of cacao cultivation: its relationship with the capitals endowment of Colombian rural households 

      Hernámdez-Núñez, Héctor Eduardo; Gutiérrez-Montes, Isabel; Sánchez-Acosta, José Ramiro; Rodríguez-Suárez, Leonardo; Gutiérrez-García, Gustavo Adolfo; Suárez-Salazar, Juan Carlos; Casanoves, Fernando (Springer, Nueva York (Estados Unidos), 2020)
      Abstract Cacao cultivation has great socioeconomic importance for the development of rural areas of Colombia, especially for the approximately 52,000 rural households that depend on it. Therefore, is important to analyze ...
    • Inequality and the Biosphere 

      Hamann, Maike; Berry, Kevin; Chaigneau, Tomas; Curry, Tracie; Heilmayr, Robert; Henriksson, Patrik J.G.; Hentati-Sundberg, Jonas; Jina, Amir; Lindkvist, Emilie; y 10 autores más. (2018)
      Rising inequalities and accelerating global environmental change pose two of the most pressing challenges of the twenty-first century. To explore how these phenomena are linked, we apply a social ecological systems perspective ...
    • Local Community Characteristics and Cooperation for Shared Green Reputation 

      Rivera, Jorge; Naranjo, Maria Angelica; Robalino, Juan; Alpizar, Francisco; Blackman, Allen (2016-01)
      This article examines how basic socioeconomic and political factors are associated with higher levels of cooperation to garner a local community’s shared green reputation. We analyze panel data on participation efforts in ...
    • Spillovers from targeting of incentives: Exploring responses to being excluded. 

      Alpízar, Francisco; Nordén, Anna; Pfaff, Alexander; Robalino, Juan (Elsevier, Ámsterdam (Países Bajos), 2017)
      A growing set of policies involve transfers conditioned upon socially desired actions, such as attending school or conserving forest. However, given a desire to maximize the impact of limited funds by avoiding transfers ...
    • Tracer hydrology of the data-scarce and heterogeneous Central American Isthmus 

      Sánchez-Murrillo, Ricardo; Esquivel-Hernández, Germain; Corrales-Salazar, José L.; Castro-Chacón, Laura; Durán-Quesada, Ana M.; Guerrero-Hernández, Manuel; Delgado, Valeria; Barbereba, Javier; Montenegro-Rayo, Katia; Calderón, Heyddy; 10 autores más. (2020)
      Numerous socio-economic activities depend on the seasonal rainfall and groundwater recharge cycle across the Central American Isthmus. Population growth and unregulated land use changes resulted in extensive surface water ...
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