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    • A common framework to model recovery in disturbed tropical forests 

      Maurent, Eliott; Delgado, Diego; Finegan, Bryan; Ngo-Bieng, Marie Ange; y otros 5 autores más (Elsevier, 2023-06-11)
      Despite their exceptional biodiversity and carbon stocks, more than 80% of tropical forests are disturbed. However, a lot of interrogations remain around the ability of vegetation attributes in tropical forests to recover ...
    • Old-growth neotropical forests are shifting in species and trait composition 

      Van der Sande, Masha T.; Arets, Eric J.M.M.; Peña Claros, Marielos; Avila, Angela Luciana de; Roopsind, Anand; Mazzei, Lucas; Ascarrunz, Nataly; Finegan, Bryan; Alarcón, Alfredo; Cáceres Siani, Yasmani; Licona, Juan Carlos; Ruschel, Ademir; Toledo, Marisol; Poorter, Lourens (2016)
      Tropical forests have long been thought to be in stable state, but recent insights indicate that global change is leading to shifts in forest dynamics and species composition. These shifts may be driven by environmental ...
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