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    • Ecosystem services from coffee agroforestry in Central America: estimation using the CAF2021 model 

      Oijen, Marcel van; Haggar, Jeremy; Barrios Aguirre, Mirna; Büchi, Lucie; Cerretelli, Stefania; López, Erick; Virginio Filho, Elias de Melo; Ospina, Alejandra (Springer Nature, 2022)
      The goal of sustainable coffee production requires multiple functions from agroforestry systems. Many are difficult to quantify and data are lacking, hampering the choice of shade tree species and agronomic management. ...
    • Percepción de Productores ganaderos sobre la provisión de servicios ecosistémicos en la actividad ganadera, Esparza, Costa Rica 

      Rizo Chavarría, Carmen; Cascante Carvajal, Carolina; Imbach Hermida, Alejandro C; Tobar López, Diego (Revista Forestal Mesoamericana Kurú, 2022)
      En Esparza, Costa Rica, se evaluó la percepción de los productores ganaderos, sobre la importancia de los servicios ecosistémicos en el quehacer de la actividad pecuaria. Se realizaron 30 entrevistas semiestructuradas y ...
    • Silvopastoral systems and remnant forests enhance carbon storage in livestock‑dominated landscapes in Mexico 

      Aryal, Deb Raj; Morales-Ruiz, Danilo Enrique; Jiménez Trujillo, José Antonio; Pérez Sánchez, Edwin; Casasola Coto, Francisco; Martinez Salinas, Alejandra; Guevara Hernández, Francisco; Ibrahim, Muhammad; y 8 autores más (Scientific Reports, 2022)
      A large area of the terrestrial land surface is used for livestock grazing. Trees on grazing lands provide and can enhance multiple ecosystem services such as provisioning, cultural and regulating, that include carbon ...
    • Tree diversity in a tropical agricultural-forest mosaic landscape in Honduras 

      Ngo-Bieng, Marie Ange; Delgado Rodríguez, Diego; Vílchez-Mendoza, Sergio; López Sampson, Arlene; García, Edwin; Sepúlveda, Norvin; Somarriba, Eduardo (Scientific Reports, 2022-11-03)
      Biodiversity decline in the tropics requires the implementation of comprehensive landscape management where agricultural systems are necessarily an integral element of biodiversity conservation. This study evaluates the ...
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