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    • Agua y saneamiento frente a la COVID-19: desafíos y respuestas en Centroamérica 

      Madrigal, Roger; Viguera, Barbara; Marín, Rolando (CATIE, Turrialba (Costa Rica), 2020-09)
      Puntos Clave 1. La crisis sanitaria ocasionada por la enfermedad COVID-19 ha evidenciado las carencias históricas en el acceso al agua y los obstáculos para alcanzar el ODS6 en los países centroamericanos. 2. La disparidad ...
    • Epidemics and the future of coffee production. 

      Rhiney, Kevon; Guido, Zack; Knudson, Chris; Avelino, Jacques; Bacon, Christian M.; Leclecr, Grégoire; Aime, M. Catherine; Bebber, Daniel P. (2021-06)
      In this perspective, we draw on recent scientific research on the coffee leaf rust (CLR) epidemic that severely impacted several countries across Latin America and the Caribbean over the last decade, to explore how the ...
    • Making the post-2020 global biodiversity framework a successful tool for building biodiverse, inclusive, resilient and safe food systems for all 

      Gassner, Anja; Dobie, Philip; Vidal, Adriana; Somarriba, Eduardo; Pythoud, Francois; Kumar, Chetan; Laumonier, Yves; Chhatra, Ashwini (IOP Publishing, Bristol (Reino Unido), 2020-08)
      COVID-19 has exposed the vulnerability of our economies to shocks, and it has laid bare deep inequalities in our society that threaten to derail the Sustainable Development Goals. Governments around the world are looking ...
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